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Stories - February 16, 2019

The second-hand mobile phone arena in the past

20190216085142 16477 - The second-hand mobile phone arena in the past

On the eve of the Spring Festival, a departure from Shenzhen plane landed at the airport in the capital, some Hewei a backpack out of the door.He looked at the watch, at half past four in the afternoon, the plane was delayed for an hour.

This time is the Beijing evening peak, heavy traffic road, he arrived in Beijing as soon as possible to the Zhongguancun booth, Duan Hewei chose to ride the subway.

This is the first store opened in Beijing, Duan Hewei, that was in 2015, headquarters is located in Beijing 2000 kilometers south of Shenzhen, specializing in second-hand Apple mobile phone business, here is his second home.Every time always seems so warm, but sometimes it can feel a bit strange.

The electronic distribution center compared to Shenzhen, Beijing has some advantages in.”The last one can stall tophere closed, now in Beijing are the basic business acquaintances.”

For these customers, some choose to temporarily moved to the South Hewei tophere e world, in order to maintain the old customer supply needs for the next plan, some Hewei still contemplating, he can not think whether to reside in Beijing.

Compared with a stall in Shenzhen Zhang Wei, it is relatively easy.But in 2018, their life is not easy.

Zhang Wei recalls, in 2016 or even 2017, to his booth to take the goods customers every day more than twenty or thirty people, eliminate the second-hand mobile phone in the 800-1000 stage, and in 2018, this number is directly cut.

In Shenzhen, the most famous electronic distribution center is Huaqiang North, and here is the number of new mobile phone plan “, flying through heaven and earth in North Huaqiang Electronic City, there are thousands of large and small second-hand mobile phone business merchants.

20190216085235 32190 - The second-hand mobile phone arena in the past

South of Shenzhen, north of Beijing, has become a symbol of the electronic sector of the North-South border.In Shenzhen, the electronic products mostly from Guangzhou, Jiangxi and Zhejiang area, and in Beijing, these people usually come from Henan, Hebei and northeast area.

Zhang Wei from Jiangxi Ganzhou, in this rich orange, but he chose to go to Shenzhen to do electronic products wholesale business.

Unlike Zhang Wei, some Hewei is one of businesses of the famous flying tongtiandi, from 2008 since, from our hands have accumulated tens of millions of mobile phone trading platform, this is only a second-hand mobile phone number.

“Everyone down iPhone, each counter basically can not see the domestic mobile phone is apple products.”Duan Hewei said that the purchase of second-hand iPhone customers are mainly from Beijing businesses, and most of them are from Zhongguancun and Muxiyuan attracted to.

Chen Hai is one of them.From the 2009 year to counter in Zhongguancun Electronic City, until 2018 years tophere dismantling shop.

When Spring Festival is approaching, he always closed a week ahead of time to go home, he has a love of home and feeling there, his parents and more.Just this year some of his melancholy.

In the secondary market arena, “light years before diving, diving” years later that there has been, Chen Hai can use this method to stop in order to reduce the pressure on the stock.

Now Chen Hai purchase one-time about in 100-300 around Taiwan, mostly including apple, such as HUAWEI, millet, OV domestic machines, these machines are usually enough he sold a month.

In 3 years ago, this figure will double the increase, the peak of a sea day counter to sell second-hand mobile phone 50-80, but when he was Apple sales models.

In 2018, Apple’s sales force gradually weakened, the new machine does not sell two, mobile phone prices plummeted, many people think that apple can not, have been bad mouthing.

20190216085308 65791 - The second-hand mobile phone arena in the past

“Apple’s three shakequot Huaqiang north.”Duan Hewei used this piece to describe the effect of Apple’s decline to Huaqiang north.

With the fly through heaven and earth Liu Huaqiang North win also feel more difficult to do business.”Every two years ago to about 100 units of iPhone, and also can last year daily average of about 30 units, and the hot date than a full 2/3 poor sales.”

At that time, a profit of about iPhone or about 500-800 yuan, especially in iPhone pianbao occurred a few years, more lucrative.But now, a iPhone profit is only 100-200 yuan, is very different.

In Apple’s new machine in the market, including the generation, distribution channels in the provinces, the final generation bottom dealers.So is the second-hand Apple mobile phone distribution pattern.

This also means that out of the country on behalf of the goods after the “provinces generation” final bottom dealers, prices are layers of exploitation”.

Father and son is every elder wants to do.”No way, although rely on their own hard work accumulated contacts, that down time will have a lot of fear and dismay, but this is the old man’s willingness to come back.”Huang Zhong reluctantly said.

Although the work in his father’s factory now, but there are still many attracted to friends acquaintances to take the goods in Huang Zhong.

Huang Zhong mentioned the auction are located in Hong Kong Hung Hom, here is the second-hand Apple mobile phone makers paradise.The auction will be held almost every second-hand Apple electronic products auction, while Apple mobile phone is the auction “darling”.

Although there is no shortage of foreign second-hand mobile phone operators to bid, but is still the most from Shenzhen Huaqiang North of second-hand mobile phone operators.

In the auction of second-hand Apple mobile phone is usually divided into four grades, they represent the fineness of the quality and quality of the mobile phone itself.

“The auction is usually divided into different types and grades respectively for auction, the price from hundreds to thousands of dollars, like a U.S. version of 128G iPhone 7, the final auction price the average price of 1400 yuan, while a U.S. version of the 64G iPhone X the price is cheaper, take the average price of 3800 yuan left right.”

Now, in Huaqiang North flying tongtiandi communication city, a version of the 64G iPhone X the price is usually around $4400, of which the profit is 600 yuan.

“To Shenzhen have been sold, and then they are to other city Fanghuo, finally a second-hand X the cost of such rises.”Huang Zhong said that he was almost every week from a Hongkong Huanli building to bid, because the basic machine are in short supply, and sometimes even just returned to Shenzhen for second days, his family asked him to do replenishment.

Unlike ordinary auction, the auction is not a second-hand mobile phone site increases mode.In the auction site, all machines in the auction process is the first inspection after the type of machine according to what you want to fill in the bidding, the final auction price mechanism on the basis of comparison, the highest bidder must.

20190216085347 11136 - The second-hand mobile phone arena in the past

In Hongkong, second-hand Apple mobile phone business with the mainland, a large number of second-hand goods dealer to tender shoot.

Peng Hui, said second-hand Hui, he was in Hongkong’s most famous electronic position padium rented a counter, engaged in second-hand mobile phone and mobile phone accessories business, compared to China, different regions, Hongkong people are fond of apple and Samsung.

In Hongkong, almost a iPhone or Samsung mobile phone, a higher recovery rate makes use of the two international brand mobile phone here and have a higher rate of sale.

20190216085423 61474 - The second-hand mobile phone arena in the past

“Shenzhen has come to us here to take off second-hand goods, but their size should be small, also has individual, they are basically in order to exchange rate difference here taohuo.”Peng Hui said.

Unlike the Shenzhen Huaqiang North, where the passenger traffic is relatively dispersed, which specializes in second-hand mobile phone vendors, but also ordinary consumers.

But in recent years, people’s expectations for apple and Samsung also began to decline, because Note 7 explosion makes people lose confidence, the rise of the domestic mobile phone makes more and more second-hand dealers began “transformation”.

Duan Hewei’s brother Duan Shaowei told the “financial” bullet, he is now in addition to help his brother pin Apple mobile phone, he also began to start a domestic second-hand mobile phone.

HUAWEI, millet, OV is his current main four big brands. These brands “profits can be relatively stable, and relatively low price, people buy now gradually increased.”Then some Shao Wei said, “but now the overall situation is not good, many dealers took the goods below the day can’t return money.”

Unlike his brother after the first shipment of steady work, the acquaintance of Shao Wei period of the goods after the first paragraph way, but his mouth acquaintances are basically in this industry for about 10 years.”These people are relatively good reputation, goods give them more comfortable.”For the period of payment, and they agreed that the period of Shao Wei every night clearing machine sold the day.

In Huaqiang North, patterns of various goods and sales of various existing cash, the current node, also have the goods after the first paragraph.For long-term partners, more second-hand dealers choose the latter.

While the demand for first-tier cities has become saturated, for first-tier cities sales even as the two or three line of the city as fiery.

With the rise of the domestic mobile phone brand, and first-tier cities consumption, many consumers still choose to buy more durable and warranty policy of new mobile phone.

20190216085525 70027 - The second-hand mobile phone arena in the past

In Huaqiang North more people to profit two mobile phone for students, but there are some people who rely on maintenance for students, but most of them in addition to pure maintenance, but also to help the mobile phone owner selling two mobile phone.

Zhang Wei also sell refurbished machines, he is different from other businesses, he only refurbished shell.But there are also some businesses is the renovation of internal components, even in the motherboard business renovation.

Refurbished profits than non refurbished machines more than doubled to reclaim the mobile phone because the condition is very general, the price is low, a shell in general as long as 150-200 dollars, renovation cost is very low, but a high price after renovation.”Zhang Wei said.

“The most busy time of day the amount of about 100-200 or so, the basic one to turn 20 around.” in a far Huaqiang North is a engaged in renovation renovation work, he was responsible for the renovation of the apple iPhone 7 series mobile phone, so he have to repeat the action and thousands of times.

A far said, for these refurbished parts is made by the boss and purchase, channels are usually from the manufacturer of Apple components down out of standard parts, or local high imitation electronics factory and recycling business.

This is a common technical work, the higher is the renovation of board level jobs, they are engaged in the work of basic disk expansion or maintenance on the motherboard problem.

“Because the 16G or 32G iPhone is now almost no one to buy, because the capacity is too small to change 64G or 128G can be directly sold, very popular.”O far, like a machine for recovering iPhone 7 32G version of the price is usually 900-1000 yuan, after the expansion can be sold at 1800-1900, and a 128G hard drive for the cost of 150-200 yuan.

“This is the most valuable technology, a motherboard repair master for a month on these can at least earn million.”Zhang Wei said admiringly.”But I do not have this skill.”

Hard solution ID was the most popular here one of these machines, machines are mostly from the gray industry. “In fact, we all know how to machine, only a few people to say.”Zhang Wei said he never do these machines, mainly involving the legal risk.These machines have become the focus of relevant agencies to suppress the object.

In 2015, the Shenzhen police have investigated and dealt with a gang of second-hand refurbished Apple Mobile phone.

According to the investigation, they sell refurbished 3.4 million, sales amounted to 4000 million yuan.These refurbished second-hand Apple mobile phone through the network platform to the country.

20190216085606 11030 - The second-hand mobile phone arena in the past

Huaqiang North SEG electronics market level, there are many buy and sell spare parts for mobile phone booth, motherboard, hard disk, chip Goods are available in all varieties.But the sources of these parts are basically the recycling of old mobile phone.For example, some of the circuit board was repeatedly maintenance of the machines, but the hard disk, CPU and other parts can be disassembled for recycling.

In September 2018, Apple released a series of three new machines, then sales unable to get up after a fall.At the same time, the new machine price of the old iPhone X still maintained at 7000 yuan high.In contrast, second-hand iPhone X is more cost-effective.

“A second-hand 64G iPhone X is over 5000, less than 6000 256G, with old change new value.”Chen Hai said.

This let the sales bad apple is one disaster after another.Subsequently, new and second-hand Apple prices have dropped two, mobile phone prices even fell to the freezing point.

20190216085636 77291 - The second-hand mobile phone arena in the past

Now the Beijing electronic market in Zhongguancun and Shenzhen Huaqiang North compared different deserted and depression.

In 2015, when a Hewei disc under the counter is not such a scene.”At that time is very busy, Shenzhen over the basic machine one day shipments 180 taiwan.”

Chen Hai is also visible before the eyes on the scene at the time.”A lot of people looking for me to take the goods, not goods from others, there is no way, then the majority of apple.”

2016 2017 is the last outbreak of apple for two years, in two years, iPhone sales continue to rise, until the beginning of 2018, sales began to fall sharply.

“Apple is actually not so value in recent years, have been catching up with HUAWEI.”Chen Hai in mind, iPhone has both innovation and quality, the machine has been rather hedge.But once the price diving years ago, let Chen Hai be caught off guard.”A lot to get the goods are not sold, the price came down, with the demand of customers is not good price, can only draw a hand or a loss of one hundred or two hundred.”

For years no end of the machine, Chen Hai decided to put again later in the year, he did not want to lose so much, stop in time is very important for Chen Hai.

Years later, when asked about the “bullet” financial Chen Hai, he said that the recent price began to rise, the demand began to increase.

Similarly, some Hewei also felt the warmth, dismantling shop idea also temporarily withdrawn.The year after a friend, he met a new partner, the partner in the secondary market has also worked for nearly ten years.

“At present, apart from my own secondary recovery and sales operations, and to provide a variety of models of love recovery.”Shi Lei said, they are subordinate recyclers love recycling, responsible for recycling machine task supply love.

Shi Lei refers to the “love recovery” is the domestic large-scale electronic products recycling business, recycling in the recycling industry belongs to have licence in the regular army, compared with the traditional small recovery mechanism, more professional in the privacy and security treatment.

“Recycling machine is basically sold in the two or three line of the city or overseas dealers.”The director of the field of animal husbandry to love recycling market “bullet” finance said.

According to the “love recovery” to “bullet” financial data show that in 2018 only love recycling shipments reached 10 million Taiwan, turnover of 7 billion yuan, 4-5 million mobile phone is recovered or the average daily transaction.

The mobile phone is from the provincial or bottom second-hand dealers.”To love recycling machines. They will go through quality inspection, after passing to return to the warehouse.”According to Shi Lei, the recovery in the machine after the recovery of love will not exceed 24 hours will be sold or delivered to the lower recovery processing business.”They don’t press machine, because every day the recycling price variation in small volume, okay, a large body of the machine fell 1 yuan, the overall costs of thousands or tens of thousands.”

Compared with love recycling such professional recycling platform, second-hand electronic products trading platform around and idle fish is engaged in trading of second-hand electronic products.

“Now the business every day to go around and collect idle fish machine, more than eighty percent businesses are.”Shi Lei said that his subordinate network also have small suppliers for the machine to Shi Lei, and they are mostly from the city’s mobile phone shop, so when these people for the machine will go to the recycling second-hand mobile phone platform.

20190216085717 25921 - The second-hand mobile phone arena in the past

For some reason, Shi Lei did not disclose the specific to the “bullet” financial delivery to the number of machines love recovery, but he came back every day two mobile phone or distributed through various channels of the basic recovery in 500 or so.

It has already reached his limit.

Not only is Duan Hewei, as mentioned in the text of these second-hand dealers, there are more or less in the family pressure and engaged in this industry.

Some people leave the hometown, some people at home to.

In 2018, the mobile phone industry big shock, apple, Samsung’s halo is no longer glamorous, or sales decline continuously, quality problems or mobile phone, or price promotions, get engaged in mobile phone sales of dealers and distributors are suffered, the huge market has been fluctuating Huaqiang north.

Nowadays, intelligent mobile phone is serious and superfluous, more and more mobile phone function is almost the same, with Apple also does not seem to be a “powerful” symbol, more and more young people began to pay attention to the appearance and experience with apple in domestic racing together bridle to bridle the body, such as HUAWEI, millet, OV, therefore, in the throes of the advent of manufacturers when Huaqiang North also experienced this round of pain.

“Maybe one day we are not doing this industry, we may fail, but we still appreciate it, is that the industry has paid off for us, he also let us know the trust between people.”This is the final say, many of them have a feeling.

In the industry and the development of the times before, they sometimes is a leek.

But they are still on the road before loading the line.

Note: Duan Hewei, Zhang Wei, Liu Ying, Chen Hai, Duan Shaowei, Peng Hui, Shi Leijun

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