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Cryptocurrency News - February 16, 2019

The encryption community construction playbook

The encryption community construction playbook

We are witnessing the blockchain launched a surge in the number of scene, nothing less than the Cambrian explosion of life.According to CoinDesk data, 2018 number of years so far ICO has more than 2017 year, while 2017 9 is the number of times a year ago.Now, if you are engaged in the project is one of the 1637 projects listed in the CoinMarketCap, you will be how to make their own talent shows itself?

I have been thinking about the problem.Of course, you perform the roadmap or design a smart market strategy can be largely yourself with other encryption currency to distinguish.But there is another concern strategy: build your community.

I believe that to build a community of extraordinary is vital to become a successful encryption currency, for what to do, I will give a playbook.

Tactical manual

Step 1: Maximum initial distribution of tokens

The way than in the project will be assigned to tokens as many users start, can be more effectively the construction of community.Your early token holders are often become your most important propaganda, because they will get maximum benefit from your project.Even in times of uncertainty, they will never abandon, it is of great value.

The maximum distribution of modern currency is relatively easy.Such as the Tezos project of the large public ICO, they will be sold to any person to participate in the token.But now consider regulatory scrutiny of this field, this method widely distributed token is no longer feasible.Therefore, many projects for compliance, is the exclusive sales such as tokens only for accredited investors.

This does not mean that we completely abandon the token distribution widely as a matter of fact, there are still some clever ways can maximize the distribution range.For example, PoW Fair Launch issued tokens can be fair – this refers to the token before the release of no supply is no pre-sale or pre mining, and allow all people to start mining.We can also use the new law to raise public equity, fairness and compliance of the token sales, such as Republic platform, this kind of sales model has emerged.I guess there will be more projects to use the technology.

Step 2: Will your project mission and values written up

If you want to persuade the free agent to join your community, you need to explain to them why your project is important.We should establish the project’s core mission and values, and then released in a certain place.

If you want to find a ready-made model, can refer to this Will Warren blog, he describes 0x’s mission and values:

The “0x” mission and values

Since the 8 month 2017 years released 0x version 1, the 0x core team has grown from 6 members to 15 growth……

Blog address:


Step 3: online culture fruitful discussion

The members of the community on the Internet should have a place for them to express their opinions, and make them feel that they are contributing to your project.However, due to the two basic conflicts, not for online discussion put forward a universal solution:

Communication mode

  • Some people love to discuss real-time synchronous communication, others love to discuss the non real time asynchronous communication.


  • Some people love the content such as the new general partnership or business development roadmap, while others love technology content such as development or function of technology roadmap.

I found that the best project often support multiple forums to discuss, rather than trying to bring as many people as possible to focus on a chat or message board.The advantage of this method is that it allows technical discussion with no interference from general users, these users sometimes just want to do a speculative investment for a token.

Here is a discussion of examples of implementation, can meet the different needs of the encryption community:

Communication mode

The following is my most love each quadrant of the example:

  • General: NuCypher Telegram – synchronization

  • Universal asynchronous: r/Bitcoin

  • Technology: Decred Slack synchronization

  • The technology of asynchronous Ethresearch

The project should ensure that all discussions are kept in the subject line, a reverence for speech.The easiest way is to identify as enthusiastic members of the community is willing to volunteer moderators.If not, the project should consider paying a moderator, because it is worth the investment.Finally, the founder and core team members should also participate in the discussion, rather than simply let the moderator and administrator of all community.

Step 4: Support

You are the most important members of the community is building developers on your agreement, so please ensure that their ability to solve the technical problems of your satisfaction.When your project has just started, the core team members may help you finish this work, but to a certain stage, hire someone to maintain the developer relationship is worth it.

You may also need to hire a staff to handle routine customer support.This role at first glance does not seem necessary, but it is actually a secret weapon, can sow good seed in your community.You can go to the Decred Slack Support channel, see example: the team has done very well in helping non-technical users solve such as setting a purse or learn how to join the pool of equity issues.

Step 5: The establishment of a funding plan

If you have money, consider the establishment of a funding scheme for the third party payment tokens to develop your protocol.This is a good way to the core team and the community more you keep step with at the same time, to promote the development of ecological system.The Zcash foundation is a well executed and transparent funding scheme, each quarter it will provide funding for community members of the proposal, these proposals in turn supports the Zcash Foundation’s mission and values.

Step 6: Support community run organization

Community run organization is usually spontaneous creation of the contemporary coin holders who want to further express their support for the project, it can also effectively help advance your mission.

Tezos Commons Foundation is a good example of community organization.The organization has done very well in the past few months, support from around the world together, and provide grassroots support for the project, and the Tezos foundation to complement each other.

Support community run organization

Step 7: Dissemination of information

The team should continue to spread information about their projects, in order to get new members of the community.No better example of Bivitalik Butlin Vitalik Buterin, he basically is in the plane living, will take hundreds of activities every year, to promote the etheric Fang to the world.

As for other projects, you really should start early non-stop propaganda your agreement.Kadena is a protocol of our portfolio, it gave me a lot of inspiration, this agreement seems to always be able to find a good opportunity to spread their building things, but also very good to attract people to participate in their ecosystem.

Step 8: Have fun

Finally, I wish you have fun.Your team to open a small window to expose the personality, can make community members for your project with more passion.From the etheric Fang Foundation’s Karl Floersch had by way of video, with freestyle rapper has showcased his creative.


In the end, build a special encryption community and your technology roadmap and market entry strategy is as important as.With this tactical manual project can gain and retain more community members, in the long run, this will bring rewards.

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