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Cryptocurrency News - February 16, 2019

Ethernet workshop manual entry (with various tools link)

Since its inception in 2008, the blockchain has gone through more than 10 years of wind and rain, a bitcoin, Ethernet, EOS and other public square chain.Born in 2014 in the etheric workshop today has gone through a full 5 years.This article will focus on the etheric square, to introduce the basic knowledge related to offer all kinds of query tools, community links, to help you more in-depth study and development in the etheric workshop.

Ethernet workshop manual entry (with various tools link)

The following is the manual entry directory:

  1. What is the ethernet?
  2. Ethernet token
  3. Node, network, and wallet account
  4. The ethernet mining
  5. Intelligent development contract with DApp
  6. The history of the development of six square, Ethernet
  7. The ethernet Community Governance: foundation, community, the contributors
  8. Other

Before the introduction of the ethernet, if you don’t know the block chain and bitcoin, can read “Blockchain 100 ask” , “100” asked the blockchain class Or watch the video “ The principle of bitcoin “.

(Note: the daily planet Odaily underlined part can click to jump to related links.)

What is the ethernet?

What is the ethernet? according to The Ethernet White-Paper: the definition of the ethernet is a new open block chain platform, it allows anyone to create and use the application block to the center of the chain operation technology in the platform; it is an open source project, founded by a lot of people worldwide, according to their willingness to allow users to create complex operation; Ethernet Ethernet virtual machine core (“EVM”) / intelligent contract can execute arbitrary code in computer science terms, the virtual machine is the ethernet Turing complete “.

What is the ethernet? Recommended reading workshop founder Vitalik Buterin in Ethernet “What is the ethernet .

In addition, we suggest that you can read The etheric White-Paper Although, may not be able to fully understand, but also to grasp the etheric square from a higher dimension.In addition, there are the white paper, the ethernet purple book.

  • The ethernet white paper: at the beginning of 2014, by Vitalik Buterin (founder of the ethernet V God) published, from a technical point of view, the paper simply describes a new technology (Theory English version / Chinese version );

  • Square Beige Book: April 2014, Ethernet by Gavin (Ethernet Wood Dr. ethernet co-founder and CTO), known as the Ethernet technology Bible,

  • The ethernet Purple Book: 2016, V released a purple book, for efficiency and energy consumption to solve the problem of the blockchain, provides a proven solution for POS and slice merging based on, including improved scalability and ensure economic end and improve computer anti Censorship ( English version / Chinese version ).

About Ethernet square, both at home and abroad, some of the ethernet library can reference, Odaily recommended daily planet: “The official document” Chinese ether , Ethernet knowledge base enthusiasts , Ethdocs English version If you do not want to see; the text version of the video, is also a good choice, recommended “ Ethernet square entry “.

Two, Ethernet token

1 2014, Vitalik officially announced the etheric square in North America bitcoin conference held in Miami on the U.S. state of Florida.

The same year 6 month, Ethernet (Stiftung Ethereum) fund was established in Switzerland Zug, and distribute the first public sale of the etheric coins in the subsequent 42 days, 31591 net profit of 1840 million dollar coins, the value was about 6010 million dollars sold ethernet.The sales income to repay the debt first law of increasing returns, developers of months of efforts, and continued development funding Ethernet square.

What are the tokens?

What is the ethernet tokens?In simple terms, the ethernet token is a digital asset built-in Ethernet square on the chain block.If the square block ether chain as a token program, is to a certain extent in the procedure of currency / integral, is different, the traditional integral can only be issued by the program settings, and Ethernet square on tokens anyone can issue.

Ethernet square on tokens is divided into two types: one is the square block chain native Ethernet Ethernet token coins (ETH); the other one is issued in accordance with the etheric workshop tools and standards development tokens (such as BNB).The difference between the two is the most intuitive circulation scene, ETH is the ethernet network currency, each operation / chain transactions need to pay the cost of fuel (like fee); BNB token is unable to pay the fuel, only ETH.In the currency, fire currency and OKex chain exchange, go up the chain center exchange or line P2P, BNB and other tokens can also replace ETH according to a certain ratio.

Tokens can be fixed total issuance and circulation, also can not be fixed, such as ETH has yet to stop the issuance, although last year 4 month Vitalik has proposed ETH supply limited to 1.2 billion.

Tokens can be used to do what?The attribute and function of each token must comply with the intended use of the constraints, such as pay for access to the network, intelligent driving contract, incentive for users to use a protocol or a fuel ecological operation (i.e. Gas, as will be explained below).Of course, there are also some tokens without any practical use, the ecology is not completely necessary, the issue is the means of project money tokens.

Tokens usually through the original money raised “(Initial Coin Offering, ICO) sales or mining (article will explain the way into the public view).The creator will provide built-in tokens through Ethernet to exchange tokens, currency, bitcoin or other digital assets.In 2017 the ICO boom that is fried up, run away all kinds of dragons and fishes jumbled together, emerge in an endless stream of events.

Recommended reading “How to use” why tokens exist , “Square entry guide” Ethernet token And the founder of the ethernet The V of God “on sale” model token .

Standard token

At present, the workshop of more than 1000 kinds of Ethernet token, different token issued standards differ.The most common is the ERC-20 token, it is also the standard interface of each token.Different standards have different characteristics, such as the ERC-20 token can continue to decompose, but ERC-721 is more similar to the currency; non homogeneous tokens (NFTs) but not.ERC-20 is currently the most used currency standard project.

However, the standard ERC-20 token is likely to cause the end user funds lost, the main problem is that ERC-20 transfer function performs ERC-20 token revenue transactions cannot, ERC-233 came into being.ERC-233 defines a standard function, can prevent the accident to send tokens (does not support the standard contract).

In addition, there are ERC-777 (based on standard operator tokens), ERC-809 (non homogeneous token lease standard) 23 different tokens issued standard.Want to know more, you can read A detailed list of standard Ethernet token .

Query tools recommended

A ERC-20 token, there’s a special website can query, this is Ethplorer It can query the Ethernet token and token list on the square.Do you know the ethernet ecology in addition to ETH, the highest market value of tokens?This website can give you the answer.In addition, it has other functions, including the wallet, ICO query (fee).

For the two level of market participants, especially the participation of many private investors, most afraid of is the project cash run away. Dappcapitulation The browser can not only see the ethernet creation “whale” account balance, but also to see the square on each side of the project Ethernet account balance, prevent the project cash run away.

A final recommendation can see large transfers Ethernet chain on the browser – ethernet Tokenview In addition, there are dozens of other ethernet tokens can be, the data can be traced to a few months ago.

Three, node, network, and wallet account


The node is simply running the client computer / server Ethernet square, all Ethernet nodes connected by a network of main workshop.According to the operation of the client can be divided into different types, all nodes and light light nodes, nodes need to initiate a transaction by connecting the master node to obtain the latest data and.

On all nodes, nodes and node light archive, recommended reading Odaily compilation of the “Daily Planet” Ethernet node running cost ; you want to view each node, recommend the use of web browser Ethernodes .

Account and wallet

Ethernet account can be used to store all the Ethernet token (not just ETH), created does not need to spend gas (EOS accounts created to spend a small amount of gas).An account is a private and public address.The public key can be understood as the account address, the private key can be understood as the password and key account.

Block chain address is based on non symmetric encryption algorithm, to generate a private key and a public key from the public key, according to the calculation of a series of address.Any person may generate a private key, public key, address large, but with the human own calculation is not realistic.Block chain wallet is to help us to generate a private key and public key generation, comply with a public specification tool chain.Please refer to the specific method of calculation What is the “block Chain Wallet” .

Block chain wallet can be divided into hot and cold wallet purse, wallet hosting different types, different wallet properties, safety and ease of use, the hot money bag easy to use is high, but because the network is easy to be stolen private key; cold wallet is the essence of private key high security tools, storage; private key by hosting wallet the operator managed.Specific differences, recommended reading “Blockchain digital currency wallet classification” .

Ethernet square wallet client also has many kinds, recommended reading “6 ethernet (ETH) introduced the wallet” :

  • The official Ethereum Wallet: browser Mist.Mist is a full purse (wallet full node node is a popular synchronous Ethernet block all information ethernet wallet).That is to say after opening the wallet, the computer will automatically block all the information synchronous Ethernet workshop.The advantage is a high degree of safety, do not need to go through third party initiated transactions, to view the address balance before node is not synchronized; disadvantage is Gas price cannot be adjusted, high requirements on the network, need to connect all nodes, in order to initiate a transaction.

  • Parity Wallet: the original Ethernet foundation members of the development of square wallet.Powerful, is also a full purse node.The advantage is a high degree of safety, do not need to go through third party initiated transactions; disadvantage is the high requirements of the network, need to connect the nodes to initiate a transaction.

  • ImToken: Mobile Wallet Purse, simple operation, private key generation in the imToken is stored in the local mobile phone platform, no backup.

Please note: Here we need to differentiate a point, node, wallet, browser three is not completely conflict, a node can be said to be the block based browser.Take the Mist, it is a browser, because it needs to query data, therefore is built on a full node; but at the same time, it is also a management function, can manage the public key and private key, so it is a wallet.Of course, not all require the whole node wallet.

Network and test network

Ethernet has been a square network Network and test network .Network is usually the default network all clients; the test network is used to simulate network behavior, network effects and the same, so developers can test their intelligence contracts, issuing and so on in the test and the development of the Internet, as the environmental assessment on the chain.On the contrary, when the power of any significant change in the ethernet protocol, the test is mainly done in these tests on the network.

3 test network the most commonly used are Ropsten, Kovan, Rinkeby.

  • Ropsten Only support geth client, a POW block chain, very similar to the etheric grid square, but due to the low amount of calculation, vulnerable to DDOS attacks.In the past by garbage attack, many problems.

  • Kovan Only support Parity client; a POA block chain, not mine.

  • Rinkeby Support geth and Parity clients; a POA block chain, not mine.Despite the low computational complexity, but for malicious actors more flexible.

For the test environment in the development, recommend the use of Rinkeby or KoVan test chain.This is because they use the proof of work POA consensus mechanism, to ensure that the transaction and block to create a consistent and timely.

More on network and test network, recommended reading “ Ethernet network testNet square test summary “.

If you want to build their own network test, recommended Kubernetes perhaps Docker-compose The build process can refer to. “Access the Ethernet square (Ethereum) test network” .

Four, the ethernet mining


As mentioned, the token obtained is an important way.”Mining is actually an increase in the money supply process.What is a mining, can read the Odaily column of the daily planet. What is a digital currency in mining?

Mining is the essence for accounting right, get a round of accounting right ore block unions to get rewards, contains 3 coins (Ethernet hard after bifurcation will be reduced to Constantinople in two); trading block chain sponsors pay gas fees as quoted; Tert block The block can get paid 1/32 mining.

The workshop adopts PoW (Ethernet work proof) consensus mechanism, calculation (actually guessing) a specific random number of miners can get the right account, get greater possibility to obtain the theory of accounting right is high, because the second can be calculated (guess) more.The difficulty of dynamic adjustment mode is every 15 seconds, the whole network will produce a block.

The ethernet in many aspects with bitcoin is similar, but there are also some different Ethernet not only contains the transaction list square block also contains the most recent state, in addition, the number of blocks and the difficulty is also stored in the block.

PoW algorithm called Ethash (Ethernet square using improved versions of Dagger-Hashimoto algorithm), the workload of Ethash proved to be a difficult memory, which makes it resistant to ASIC.


Each execution in the etheric square on the calculation steps need to spend money, the money is gas.The design objective of Gas is to operate in order to avoid occupying more limited resources and cumbersome to plug the network; two is to avoid the whole network malicious attacks; three is to let the miners receive revenue accounting.

Gas the price determined by the market, the transaction costs mechanism similar to bitcoin.If your gas price is high, the node will give priority to pack your transaction.

Here, the cost is actually gas is composed of two parts: Gas price* Gas to multiply.Here the Gas price optional range from 1 to 60 GWei, the greater the amount of transaction processing faster; optional range of Gas is more than 8 million, if the amount is small, it will cause the cost of gas is too small, it will not be packing miners.

20190216081454 33773 - Ethernet workshop manual entry (with various tools link)

(data from

Overall, the ethernet “computing and storage” than in the traditional environment do more expensive; read the state of “ethernet” in the etheric network is free, only the “write state” is charging.About Gas, to learn more, recommended reading “ethernet” contract cost calculation of Ethernet .

Tert block

In the bitcoin protocol, if part of a block is not the longest chain, so it is called the “solitary block”.It is legal, but found a little later, or network transmission is slower, but not to be a part of the long chain.In bitcoin, solitary block has no meaning, then abandoned, found the solitary block miners also get mining related reward.

But the Ethereum GHOST protocol, don’t think solitary block has no value, but will give the miners to return found solitary block.In the ethernet, solitary block called “Uncle” (Uncle block), they can make a contribution to the main chain safety.

By encouraging reference tertiary block, make the reference chain safe (because more solitary block itself is legal); give uncle reward, can to some extent alleviate the mining center (pool centralized) problem.

Mine and mine pool

Square early in the etheric, can use computer central processor (CPU) to dig the etheric coins, but since the graphics (GPU) efficiency of the miners is two orders of magnitude higher, CPU is no longer profitable.

Later appeared exclusively for digital currency mining computer, known as the “mill”.

Ethernet square currently use graphics mining mining, optional card is AMD card (“A card”) or NVIDIA (“N card”) – N card option is GTX 1060, common GTX 960, GTX 950, GTX 750 Ti.

You want to try to dig the reader, recommended reading “New mining guide” ethernet .

The Ethash algorithm uses graphics mining had been widely regarded as the “anti ASIC”, however, in April 4th last year, Bit continent Announced the official release for Ethernet ASIC machine Antminer E3 mining workshop in Twitter, in order to break itself in the design of Ethernet square “anti ASIC” mining algorithm (EtHash algorithm).

However, community developers and ethernet not to give up, they continue to put forward a new scheme to resist infection from a bit.according to Cointelegraph Reported in January 5th, ethernet core developers have Ethernet to achieve a new proof of work (Prog-PoW) algorithm reached a preliminary consensus, the algorithm can not only increase the ASIC ore mining “difficult”, but also can improve the stability of the hash rate, based on GPU (not based on ASIC) network mining efficiency.

But at present, the community about whether and when to use Prog-PoW with no consensus, in February 1st of this year’s public telephone conference, the ethernet developers decided to postpone the submission of the ProgPow upgrade code, to continue to carry out audit.

If you want to pay attention to the latest news, can be added ethernet Group ProgPoW Participate in the discussion.

Another dimension is the ore mining pool monopoly operator.according to Ethernet data, ethernet mine pool accounted for is currently ranked is: Ethermine (30.37%), SparkPool (16.24%), NanoPool (15.51%), F2Pool (12.37%), and in the past 30 days and go back for half a year, the ranking has been so.

This is for retail investors, because the force is not dominant, a lucky value is not high, it is difficult to dig into the block, so we had to join the pool, the fee of about 1% to 5%.

Query tool

  • The query returns can refer to online mining Hot mill pond Page or To dig coins network Data;

  • Query about Ethernet square is force, difficulty, a number of other data, can use the Ethernet square block chain browser, in addition to basic data about historical data will use chart display, suitable for all kinds of statistics, for example Etherscan and Etherchain ;

  • In addition, under Browser You can also query the ethernet related situation.

Five, intelligent development contract with DApp

Intelligent contract

Ethernet square on program called smart contracts, it is a collection of code and data.Intelligent contract can be understood as can be performed automatically in the block on the chain, in the form of code written in the contract.A lot of gambling game block chain claimed to use intelligent contracts, can automatically compensate, not bankers.Recommended reading the daily planet Odaily “column Intelligent contract is how to work?” as well as “Intelligent contract application case under what circumstances it is difficult to achieve?”

(1) programming

Intelligent contract recommended programming language is Solidity, the file extension end in.Sol.Solidity language is very similar to the JavaScript, you can use it to develop contracts and compiled into the ethernet virtual machine byte code.

Solidity language development on the etheric, prepared this official tool workshop:

Solidity Documentation 

Solidity online real-time compiler

A. Standard contract API

A. Useful D app Patterns 

(2) operation

EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) – Ethernet virtual machine is running environment on the Ethernet Intelligent contract ethernet.EVM is running in the ethernet node, put the contract into the etheric network deployment workshop, the contract can be run in the etheric network in the workshop.

The relationship between virtual machines, smart and intelligent contract contract language, interested readers can read Read the article “blockchain virtual machine” .

Run the ethernet on the virtual machine bytecode is the contract form, we need to first contract before deployment to compile, can choose Browser-Solidity Web IDE or The Solc compiler .

The development and application of Ethernet in the workshop, we usually use the ethernet (purse) – client wallet is used to manage the tokens, here is a complete Ethernet client list .

Geth Is the most commonly used development of Ethernet square when the client, based on the Go language development; another is the most commonly used Parity Based on the development of Rust.

(3) deployment

Intelligent deployment contract refers to the contract issued to byte code block chain, and to mark the contract using a specific address, this address is called a contract account.

The contract after deployment, when the need to call this intelligent contract, only need to send a message to the contract account (trade); through the news triggered, intelligent contract code will perform in EVM.

Specific details of the operation, recommended reading “ What is the Ethernet Ethernet ethernet ethernet introduction development guide “In addition, recommend the ethernet developer website Ethdev as well as Remix They provide, compiling, testing, implementation of basic network contract.

If you want to have reference Ethernet square on project development, landing Ethereum – Github .


Go to the center of the application (DApp) and traditional APP, is to provide a service, realize the direct interaction between users and providers.But DApp has some intelligent block chain contract combination, these contracts combination can achieve DApp specific function.

The second half of last year, the DApp block chain carried by air, many people think that it can change the center of the traditional App problem inherent (opaque, lack of Privacy), but DApp is the most widely used or gaming, game times.according to Dapprader The application of DApp Ethernet data, the highest daily living square no more than 1500 people.Recommended reading “What is DAPP?”

(1) Query

You can use these DApp query tools:

  • Dappradar and In addition to view: Ethernet square, you can also view the EOS and Tron chain dapp;
  • Mist The official DApp browser: Ethernet square.
  • Status : you can use the DApp browser on mobile phone.
  • MetaMask Google: browser extensions, turn the Chrome into a DApp browser.You can manage your wallet, and connected to the different ethernet network, including local network development.
  • Parity ethernet: Ethernet client, is also a DApp browser.

(2) development

If you want to develop a Dapp, how to operate?First of all, the development of Dapp Web3 Javascript API, need to understand the Solidity programming language, as shown below:

  • Web3 JavaScript API When you want to square and Ethernet node interaction, which is the main JavaScript SDK;
  • Solidity Docs Solidity is a smart Ethernet workshop is developed using contract language for EVM (Ethernet, ethernet virtual machine) provides compile operation code;
  • Solium – strictly abide by the official Solidity Style Guide Development rules;
  • Test network can help developers to develop and test code and Ethernet network interactive workshop;

The development of Dapp resources – contribute to the development, debugging and deployment of Ethernet workshop applications, including: Intelligent contract ELI5 , 101 noob prepared smart contracts introduced , Standard contract API list .

About DAPP development, there are also some tutorials available for reference:

  • On Dapp tutorial
  • Dapps beginners tutorial series
  • Solidity tutorial series
  • Senior Solidity tutorial
  • A contract packager for Ethereum and Javascript (formerly ether-pudding)

The current situation of the development of six square, Ethernet

The ethernet Road Map

According to ethernet, founder of Vitalik and Gavin Ethernet Wood Ethernet development planning, workshop is divided into 4 stages Frontier (front), Homestead (home), Metropolis (Metropolitan) and Serenity (quiet).

The ethernet Road Map The following:

  • Frontier (2015.7-2016.3): Ethernet square beta release (informal version), for developers to learn, test and start building the ethernet to the application and the tool center;

  • Homestead (2016.3-2017.10): Ethernet square officially released version, ordinary users can also dig, the middle has experienced 4 hard bifurcation, ETC bifurcation;

  • Metropolis (now 2017.10-): the transition from PoW to PoS, the middle two hard – and the Byzantine Constantinople hard bifurcation bifurcation;

  • Serenity (TBD): truly mainstream block chain, upgrade to ETH 2.

At present, Metropolis is still in the ethernet (Metropolitan), and Constantinople was postponed to February 27, 2019 hard bifurcation.For more details on the Serenity stage, Vitalik recommended reading “ Ethernet Serenity design based on the review of “ethernet .

More details about the history of the development of Ethernet ethernet, recommended reading “ethernet” review the history of the development of Ethernet , “An article with you to understand the past and present” ethernet as well as “Five years” in the ethernet .

Expansion problem

The ethernet is still in the early stage of development, facing many problems, including consensus mechanism, throughput and other issues, recommended reading Analysis of “development” to the depth of the ethernet .

In this regard, many developers including Vitalik, clearly aware of this, they put forward some “based on chain (off-chain) and second (layer 2)” expansion solution is committed to building infrastructure and the expansion of Ethernet performance — often called ethernet (scaling solutions), extended scheme including the status channel (state channels), patch (sharding), sub chain / side chain scheme of Plasma and Truebit.Vitalik is that Plasma and sharding may have a synergistic effect, the processing speed of 1 million TPS Ethernet ethernet.

  • Channel status (state channels): the designer hopes to put a lot of process transfer to the chain, to improve the efficiency of the use of the blockchain, lower fees, increased privacy while retaining the blockchain trusted.The state is paid out of the channel channel generalization form, but not limited to payment, also can be used for any block on the chain “status updates”, such as changing the intelligence of the contract.

  • Slice (sharding): Ethernet network workshop the entire state is divided into a series called piecewise partition, which contains the state and transaction history independent.In this system, the specific node only as a specific transaction, thereby allowing the transaction processing throughput in all slices than in the processing of all transactions in a single slice of (as now the backbone of as much higher).

  • Plasma: like state channel, Plasma is also a chain management for trading technology, to achieve its security while relying on the underlying Ethernet square block chain.But with a new idea of Plasma, it is through the creation of the “main” attached to the etheric square block chain “sub block chain.The chain can sequentially produce their own sub chain, and can turn back.

  • Truebit:Truebit is a help or a heavy square Ethernet technology in complex operation chain.It can make the application of Ethernet square to deal with more complex issues and can still be the backbone based verification, effectively improve the total transaction throughput for Ethernet ethernet blockchain, which makes it different from state channel and Plasma.

For more details, recommended reading “The 2 layer Ethernet ethernet expansion program” , “What is the state of channel” , V: “God divided the ethernet” , “How to extend the ethernet slice interpretation” principle , “ethernet slice: overview and Ethernet Finality” , “Plasma” to explain the ethernet as well as “Truebit *” management in the future .


The above plan in ETH 2, the ethernet research team proposed some plans and ideas about the ethernet 2.If you want to understand the details, you can read Odaliy compiled “Daily Planet aether square 2 is what?Divided into several stages?” as well as Vitalik “ETH 2” .According to the article, each stage is about:

  • The 0 stage (The Beacon Chain beacon chain): this chain bear one of the functions is that the verifier can participate in the pledge system, replace the role of the miners and become the chain construction.Another function is to store piecewise state index.The detailed introduction to the beacon chain can be read Ethernet 2 protocol Beacon core “ethernet chain.” ;

  • 0+ shares: beacon chain and each slice chain will use Casper FFG to complete a block.FFG is a kind of proof of interest algorithm (Proof of Stake), for the implementation of fines in the chain of bad behavior (i.e. cut interest);

  • Stage 1: slice to slice to reach a consensus on the content of the chain, not to reach a consensus on its significance.In other words, this is a patch structure “test run” instead of trying to use the patch expansion (Scale).The beacon chain will be divided as no chain structure or meaning of simple bit set (Bit).Slice chain do not have accounts, assets or smart contracts.

  • Stage 2: intelligent Ethernet system with contract ethernet began to return.At this time, the new currency Ethernet BETH can achieve transfer, and will introduce intelligent contract again.Each piece will be based on eWASM (known as “EVM2”) a virtual machine management.

  • Stage 3: chain store state as much as possible to reduce the chain, and do not store the entire state chain store, the user will be responsible for storage in the state of complete chain.EVM2 will support our familiar account, contract, state and other abstract content.

  • Phase 4 Slice intelligent contract: hope to achieve cross chip communication, but there are many unsolved problems, specifically to see the article.

It is worth noting that, in January 31, 2019, released the zeroth stages of the evolution of the ethernet ethernet to Ethernet 2 network the first pre release version.

In addition, the core developers Ben Edgington A week will be released on the Eth 2 (Beacon) zeroth beacon chain stage specification updates, worthy of attention.

The new situation about the research progress of Ethernet square, can get the latest news in this community, you can pay close attention to.

Seven, the ethernet Community Governance: foundation, community, the contributors

Ethernet square foundation

In June 2014, the Swiss Foundation incorporated the ethernet, is a nonprofit organization aimed at raising funds for the management of Ethernet currency sales, to better serve the Ethernet to the center of the square and the technology of ecosystem services.It is the main but not the only focus is to promote the development of the Ethernet protocol workshop and related technology, and application support using Ethernet technology and protocol of the workshop.

Ethernet square foundation is usually in the official communication Ethernet ethernet blog To post present some posts are technical, some organization and some personal blog posts, all in all Twitter and Reddit Open.

In addition, the fund will be in Youtube channel Some developers to host the conference, such as the night of January 18th about the delay of Constantinople bifurcation of the core developers conference call.

The relevant entrance summary: Official website (main entrance); Community ; Blog ; Twitter ; Youtube ; Facebook (don’t update); E-mail (very slow, but very useful, emergency mail).


The ethernet Reddit The forum is the most comprehensive Ethernet workshop forum, many discussions are done here, one of the core developers is also very active.But it is difficult to obtain practical help and answers, suggest that you choose Gitter Rooms and Stack Exchange .

Stack Exchange The form of questions and answers, a post, other people enthusiastic message, a high degree of active users.

Gitter Is Github’s chat software, using Github account login.It is the preferred forum Ethernet ethernet daily chat, there are many core developers, can immediately get the answer.Developers usually in Gitter Chat on the collaboration, and then in the Github Submit code.

in addition Gitter Different rooms have different themes, is the core of AllCoreDevs The room, gathered here almost all of the ethernet developers.

Dependent Gitter The room up:

  •   Go-ethereum About geth (the realization of related tools and go)

  •   Cpp-ethereum About eth (related to C++ implementation tools)

  •   Web3.js On the web3.js (Ethernet ethernet Java description language user interface library)

  •   Solidity Solidity programming language related contracts

  •   Serpent For the contract to develop the Serpent language

  •   Mist GUI data acquisition and processing mode of the browser, the official wallet application

  •   Light-client On the light client and LES protocol

  •   Research On the ethernet

  •   Governance About the management of developers

  •   Whisper – anonymous data telegram:

  •   Swarm – to the center of the content storage and distribution network

  •   EIPs ethernet: Taking the improved protocol (EIPs) is discussed

  •   Ethereumjs-lib The core function of Java – Ethernet ethernet description language library

  •   Devp2p – D – V ‘s peer-to-peer network protocol and framework

Ethernet workshop improvement proposal (EIPs)

Ethernet Protocol Improvement Plan (EIPS) workshop is intended as a framework for coordination protocol and informal business processes.People will be the first to put forward the idea of ethernet EIP repository Ethernet as a problem or pull request.After the basic filtering proposal will receive a digital and released in draft form.Must pass through the community agreed that the improved protocol can Ethernet square into active state.From the proposed changes to the final approval, depending on the user’s ethernet consensus.For a discussion of the ethernet improved protocol, can enter the gitter square channel about Ethernet protocol.

  •   EIP guide and EIP sample

  •   EIP template

  •   The EIP repository and README

  •   For EIP discussion gitter channel


Ethernet square Meetups distribution in the world, they will usually hold the line will meet to discuss the development of technology and industry, heating.

  • Will meet the resource table Meetup line

  • Ethernet forum Meetup channel


Ethernet workshop as open source projects, many developers get support, the etheric community is also given a square List of contributors And if you are interested in these people, can private chat.The space is limited, the following simple list of several people:

  •   Ricardo de Azevedo Brandao

  •   Santanu Barai

  •   Brooks Boyd

  •   RJ Catalano

  •   Joseph Chow

  •   Keri Clowes

  •   Fran C OIS Deppierraz

  •   Bertie Dinneen

  •   Gregg Dourgarian

  •   Raghav Dua

Eight, other

The ethernet have some information website, interested can look at:

  • The etheric Founder & soul vitalik Personal website: Http://

  • Ethernet CTO Gavin Wood personal website before ethernet: Http://

  • The father of Nick Ethernet Intelligent workshop contract Szabo website:

  • The ethernet chronology: Http://

  • The ethernet lovers: Https:// ;

  • Ethernet ethernet world news network: Https:// ;

  • Ethernet workshop weekly: Http://

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